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Why consider custom framing?

There are all sorts of reasons to consider it.  Aesthetically, nothing beats taking artwork or a photograph and framing it to give it that polished/finished look.  The right custom frame can give any piece that extra boost and enhancement.  Practically speaking, a custom frame will protect against fading, natural deterioration and damage over the long term. 

Can anything be framed?

Absolutely!  Whatever you wish to preserve, protect or display, Dimensions can frame artwork of any kind on any surface whether two- or three-dimensional. 

Some examples include:

  • paintings
  • drawings
  • photographs
  • needlework
  • sports paraphernalia & jerseys
  • trophies & awards
  • children’s art. 

Let us help you showcase what you have.

We even frame mirrors!  Our extensive frame selection isn’t limited to size. We can make a framed mirror to fit any space, any size in any environment.  Let us visit your location to determine what works best in terms of appropriate size and design. 

Is custom framing really expensive?

It does cost a little more than conventional store bought stock frames and price is determined by the size of the piece and how it’s framed.  Quality does matter so if you want to take pride and show off your items in style, it’s worth every penny.

What’s mat board?  Isn’t framing enough?

A mat serves two very important functions.  First it protects the artwork and secondly it showcases and enhances the framed piece.  Mat board provides a protective barrier against things like airborne pollutants, moisture, acids and other damaging impurities.  From an aesthetic perspective, mat board enhances the overall effect of the piece.

At Dimensions, we use only museum-quality 100% cotton rag mat boards. 

Is using glass really that necessary?

Glass serves as a barrier between the artwork and outside elements.  Aesthetically, glass is used to enhance the viewing of a work of art.  We have a variety of surfaces to choose from, all of which work well within a variety of lighting and viewing environments. 

Click here to learn more about UV-filtering glass.

How is a framed piece hung?

We can help with that by coming to your location and helping you choose the appropriate location, height and environment. 

With so many options, how does one know what to choose without feeling overwhelmed?

Although there are literally thousands of mouldings (frames) to choose from, let us help you narrow it down depending on needs.