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Choosing The Right Colour For Each Room In Your Home.

Here’s a closer look at how different colours can affect your mood and show off your particular style. Make sure you’re choosing the right colour for each room in your home to fit your personality.

Yellow – Often associated with happiness and optimism, it also stimulates the nervous system and promotes creativity. Yellow can easily be toned down with white accents either with trim OR framed photos. A dining nook, kitchen or living room are the perfect locations for this bright positive colour. If bright yellow isn’t quite your style, try a more subtle yellow. 


Red – This colour immediately evokes passion and romance. It can add a burst of dramatic flair or if used subtly can add just a dash of warmth. There are several different shades and each create different moods. If you’re trying to create an intimate little nook within your space, paint the walls red and add just the right piece of art.

Green – Green signifies renewal and reminds us of life. It is the balancer of heart and emotion creating equilibrium between the two. A positive colour, it gives us the ability to love and nurture ourselves and others unconditionally. Green can be refreshing and inviting. Give a room the illusion of added space by hanging a big bold mirror on one of its walls. This creates instant impact and effect.

Blue – Add crispiness and coolness to your breakfast area. Blue adds quiet to any space and seeks peace and tranquility. This colour reinforces physical and emotional relaxation. Blue is also known to inspire one-to-one communication, what a perfect start to any day!

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