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Thinking About Custom Framing? Here Are 5 Reasons Why You Should.

Image: pinterest.com

Image: pinterest.com

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Custom Framing

1. The aesthetic component of a custom frame can enhance your artwork, photographs, and other keepsakes by giving them that finished look as well as adding pizzazz to your home’s interior. Give your guests something to talk about.

2. The practical part: Custom framing helps ensure that your pieces are protected from fading, breaking down, and becoming damaged over the long term.

3. Custom framing is suitable for almost anything – from paintings and drawings to photographs and needlework and other three-dimensional keepsakes. Not sure what to do with that baseball card collection trapped in a shoe box in your attic? Why not bring them in and let us help you put them front-and-centre?

4. Ever considered adding a frame to one of your mirrors? Framed mirrors provide a quick and easy way to add dimension and style to any environment.

5. DYI framing methods can ruin your pieces, so beware! Do it yourself projects are fun but, sometimes they just don’t give you the results you were expecting. A custom framing expert has the knowledge and skill to get your projects off on the right foot and looking top notch. Consider framing your items by a skilled framer who can explain the benefits of the different types of glass, mat boards and moulding designs.

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A personal gift worth a thousand words.

(photo credit: pinterest.com)

(photo credit: pinterest.com)

You’ve captured some really great moments with friends and family. Sharing photo albums on Facebook and other social sites is great, however, there really isn’t anything more meaningful than having those special moments framed and gifted.

With the holidays just a few weeks away, why not give a thoughtful and personal gift?

A few things you may want to consider framing: 

  • photos of children, grandchildren, entire family, siblings, friends...
  • a wedding, mother or father of the bride, maid of honour, bride, groom...
  • new baby, baptism, nursery decor
  • pets
  • love notes
  • inspirational quotes

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New Art, New Surroundings. How To Make The Introduction.

Selecting art for your home or office is an exciting venture bringing enjoyment to your surroundings for years to come.  Buying what catches your eye fills the senses but is it love at first sight or just a little crush?  Will the new art fit into a new environment seamlessly?

Choosing a piece for a specific room is about more than just buying, driving it home and hanging it on a wall.  Aesthetics and practicality play two distinctive roles and the bottom line is, you want it to look good.

The ‘try before you buy’ strategy allows you to give art a test drive, see where it fits best for optimal attention.  When trying out a new piece, try placing it in different places within your home or office.  Try various walls and heights, you don’t want it to look out of place or awkward.  If you feel strongly about a particular work of art, this is certainly a great step to take.

Sometimes new art may even inspire a quick refresh in a particular room giving the whole package that extra zing and often this can be as simple as moving or changing lighting. Also, art that is too large will overwhelm and art that is too small will be lost and look out of proportion.

As a rule, paintings should be hung so that the center of the painting is at eye level.  A sculpture may sit on the floor, a table, or pedestal, depending on the design.  Keep in mind, these are only guidelines so if you were that kid in class who threw caution to the wind and preferred the punk rock version of ‘I did it my way’ to Frank Sinatra’s, you’ll be tossing these rules out the door. The key is to experiment and do what works best for you.

Style should definitely be taken into consideration but don’t get stuck on what’s right and what’s wrong.  Who said throwing in a more modern/contemporary piece into a room full of antiques wouldn’t work?  Again, the key is experimentation.  Snap a few pictures, maybe show them around to friends and see what they have to say.  But don’t forget, these are your surroundings so do whatever it takes to get the result you’re after.  Many galleries have adopted the ‘try before you buy’ strategy.  Consider trying it out so that you’re prepared and know exactly what to expect with your new purchase.

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