Tips on custom framing, hanging art and interesting information regarding all things framing.

Choose the right frame

Choosing the right design when it comes to picking a frame.

Thinking about custom framing?  With hundreds and in some cases thousands of frame and mat combinations to choose from, design options run the gamut.  Mixing and matching colours and styles to create frame designs is fun and brings the greatest attributes to any piece of art.  The object or item being framed plays an important role in how it will be framed.  For instance, canvases are framed differently than a print on paper or a three dimensions item.

Custom framing experts will help with colour scheme and design based on the subject, the era and the style it conveys.  With each element carefully considered, the resulting frame design is much more likely to be in sync with the art or the content.

At Dimensions, we have numerous mouldings to choose from with recent collections from Roma Moulding. Their mouldings are inspired by nature adding style and sophistication to any home. Styles include Arber, Lavo, Noires & Versailles.