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Hanging Mechanics

The mechanics behind hanging your pictures securely!

When decorating walls, it’s important to ensure that pictures, paintings and precious artifacts are straight and secure.

The use of laser technology makes it easy to determine the precise location for each piece to be mounted but it doesn’t stop there!!  You MUST ensure that the hanging mechanism for each piece is right for its weight. Heavy frames need eyelets embedded on the two side panels on the back, about two-thirds of the way up, which hold the appropriate gauge wire to hang over a nail, screw or picture hanger.

To support the weight of the picture, it is important that the nail/hook be embedded in a wall with sufficient support – usually from a vertical wall stud directly behind it. Use a magnetic or electronic stud-finder to be sure. If the stud location is not in an ideal location to hang you picture, don’t fret.

For lighter pictures, you can buy an expanding anchor/toggle bolt that will bear the load without weakening the drywall or requiring a stud. For larger, heavier pictures, you may need the support of two studs. Locate the next stud in line (usually about 16 inches left or right), then support your picture with two embedded hangers or attach a horizontal bracket that will allow you to position your picture anywhere between the studs.

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