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Framing Your Precious Items

Thinking outside of the box when it comes to custom framing your precious items.

When most of us think of framing, we think of things like photography, paintings, diplomas, our child’s very first kindergarten masterpiece, etc. But there is a world of objects and items that can be custom framed that you may not have even thought about. Do you own a little something you simply cannot part with? Your grandfather’s pocket watch? A coin collection? A tattered pair of ballerina shoes? Drag those items out of the closet and consider getting them custom framed.

Sports jerseys, signed baseballs or footballs not only look great in framed shadow boxes but provide protection from a collectable perspective. Signatures can fade quickly or simply disappear altogether if not behind protective glass. And, when will you ever wear that jersey or play with that ball?  Save them from getting shoved to the back of your closet never to be seen again.

Military medals and awards are usually admired by the person who earned them. Too often, they are rarely seen and may only be discovered years later by family members. Consider giving them the honour they deserve with a custom frame display.

Baby items such as a first pair of shoes or christening gown are popular items as well. Having them custom framed preserves the object, keeps memories alive and makes a thoughtful gift to be passed on to future generations.

How about a bouquet of dried flowers commemorating a special occasion? Dried flowers will only hold up for so long left sitting in a vase so why not keep them forever by preserving them inside a custom frame? Every bride wishes they could save their wedding bouquet. Or maybe you just received a dozen gorgeous roses for a special anniversary, put them in a frame and enjoy.

Rather than storing items in drawers or closets, show them off, admire them, let others see them too.